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AMIS - Anterior Minimally Invasive THR

There has been an increase in interest in performing hip replacement surgery by less invasive means, and by smaller incisions. Minimally invasive hip replacement surgery has been being performed in Europe for many years now and the number of these procedures that are being performed in Australia now is rapidly increasing. There has been increased publicity in Australia through our various media forms and many patients are now requesting this form of hip replacement surgery due to the many advantages this surgery provides over traditional hip replacement surgery.

Whilst there is no study that has shown the significant long term difference in results between minimally invasive approaches and standard approaches, I believe that there are several advantages with the anterior mini incision which are:

  • No muscle or tendons are cut
  • Better cosmesis as the scar is very small
  • Potential shortened length of stay in hospital
  • No need for special precautions postoperatively
  • Very low dislocation rate

The vast majority of patients with osteoarthritis of the hip are suitable for this technique. It is not indicated in patients who are markedly obese, or those patients have had previous hip surgery, or in patients who have complex anatomical problems, such as congenital dislocation of the hip.

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